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Jim Allen
Member since 2007
If you are looking for winning picks from a World Champion, look no further than Jim Allen and his staff. Each selection released by Jim Allen and his tireless staff has been researched to the fullest and will be backed by Mr. Allens own bankroll!
Zhou Wei
Member since 2000
Zhou Wei Professional Sports Handicapping, focusing on only the biggest plays in the major sports. I will be playing the top ranked teams & biggest games. Join me & we will grow our fortunes together. Check out todays winners plus my subscriptions, bringing you great savings! Don't miss a single winner from the Master!
Moneyball Sports
Member since 2009
Simply put, our handicapping information is highly sophisticated. Our customized head-to-head game write-ups contain only information pertinent to each particular game, with the most important and influential handicapping angles highlighted and interpreted so that your hard earned money is only ever invested into the strongest possible situations.
Lou Barry
Member since 2007
Lou Barry and his boys has been involved in the Las Vegas Sports Investment Industry for many many many years. With a crack team of sharps working their contacts and getting the best plays and information out there... and then we move on this information! The result - you get the Best of the Best to make your move on - Guaranteed Winners or you do not pay!
Jimmy Doyle
Member since 2005
JD ProLine Sports All Inclusive! Get 7 Full days of Incedible Action Sports Picks from the Professionals at JD Proline Sports for only $75
Mike Peters
Member since 2007
Mike Peters is Back and Better then ever. I redefine the art of making money by beating the books at their own game. Where is the money? Not where the Books want you to play. I will be bringing you only SELECT Top plays.Join Me with my winning Daily Picks - Bet Smarter Not Harder.. Go with a Winner
Jimmy McGuire
Member since 2008
Jimmy McGuire of Pro Lock Sports is the most consistent handicapper across all sports that the industry has to offer. Earning top 5 finishes in MLB, NBA, and College Football, there isn't another handicapper that you can trust more than Jimmy McGuire.
Aaron Kelly
Member since 2010
Aaron Kelly's TOP WINNING Picks - Get My Money Making packages and Cash with Aaron
Jason Tanner
Member since 2007
Get the Weeks TOP Advantage Edge plays - Guaranteed to earn You a profit. Don't Miss Out on Today's Strongest Action & Grab These Big Selections Now. The Jason Tanner Weekly Advantage Edge - Cash out with Your Weekly Winners and get the Advantage .
Max Prophet
Member since 2000
I'm not here claiming to be undefeated over the last 10 years and I'm not going to fill your head with any useless inside information, because it doesn't exist. I do my homework plain and simple and come up with the plays that give us the best chance of winning. When you win, we win.
BG Sports
Member since 1996
The mission of BG Sports is steeped in the rich tradition of the region, "grassroots handicapping - cutting edge technology" - winning isn't everything at BGS, winning is the only thing!
Tom Collins
Member since 2007
Get a refreshing taste of Winners from Vegas Handicapper Tom Collins! In the world of Sports Gambling, Collins is a refreshing change for bettors thirsty for winners! Get the same games Tom is making a living betting in the Sports betting capital of the World!
Member since 2000
The Daily Top Premium Bets from Sports Pick, 100% Guaranteed winning package - We make money when you make money. The best plays from across the board, covering ALL leagues in one great place.
The Public Enemy
Member since 2009
Conventional wisdom is not always wrong, but profits soar when it is. Identifying the right opportunities to bet against the public is key to The Public Enemy's winning ways.
High Rollers Club
Member since 1997
The entire premise of the High Rollers Club is to play ONLY Premium selections with our Executive Program, no matter who the source. You see, our pride will never get in the way of your winning, as we monitor the top prognosticators in the entire business!
Eduardo Costa Verez
Member since 2007
Wiz kid Eduardo "Eddy Covers" Costa Verez worked for the past decade in the offshore bookmaking industry making odds for some of the world's top on line bookmakers. In the process Costa Verez discovered the significant angles to those who make the number *and* to those who consistently break the number!
Brett Diamond
Member since 2009
Brett Diamond from Diamond in the Ruff Sports has been handicapping since 1996. During that time we have had several #1 finishes in various sports and numerous Top 5 and Top 10 finishes at several monitors. Consistency is the name of the game and we do it well.
Joe Gunn
Member since 1999
Joe Gunn dedicated to quality picks at affordable prices. With our contacts, we provide you with the most current value selections available in the NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NCAAB & NHL. Wager with the confidence that our vast network will give you the most accurate info in sports.
Ron McCoy
Member since 1998
You will never find me punching above my weight or reaching on a play! Like many McCoys that have gone before me we put 110% effort into everything we do, I welcome you to The Real McCoy and I hope to establish a long profitable relationship together!
Michael Alexander
Member since 2021
Michael has been handicapping sports (NFL Football picks, College Football picks, NBA basketball picks, College basketball picks, NHL hockey picks, and MLB baseball picks) for over 20 years holding numerous top 10 rankings.
Ben Obama
Member since 2005
Ben Obama built the foundation for his success by becoming a behind-the-scenes leader in the sports investment business in Florida, Las Vegas and Hawaii, building a rich legacy of winners, from winners while gaining knowledge from the most respected and highly qualified veteran handicappers, sports analysts, players, and odds makers in the industry.
Vegas Mafia
Member since 2008
Contrarion Corner
Member since 2008
Welcome to Contrarian Corner on the Web serving players from around the world, entering our 25th year in business and our 9th on the Internet. We use our winning formulas to handicap Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Our forte is in isolating "contrary" plays.
Steve Miller
Member since 2005
Miller is considered one of the best sports analysts in the nation. He credits his success to employing a variety of handicapping techniques such as statistical analysis, trends and systems, and fundamentals such as matchups and emotion. Relying on numerous handicapping methods, Steve beats the spread on a consistent basis!
Leonard Bryant
Member since 2007
#1 in 2013 as Documented by The Professional Handicappers league with a 365 day win percentage near 60% and a net profit for my clients of $321, 250.00 in 2014!! Congratulations to all of our clientele and thank you for sticking through the highs and the lows of the year!
Doc Holliday
Member since 2009
Billy "Doc" Holliday has captured 25 Documented No. 1 titles in all sports since 1993. Delivering selective - potent winners since 1993, Doc Holliday has you covered with a winning hand when you pick-n-click as you Pay Only After You Profit - all aboard!
Underdog Sports
Member since 1999
This is YOUR time to shine! Recognizing high percentage puppies takes a lot of experience and here at Underdog Sports, our research specialize in just that! Even more important is when to BET AGAINST the dog! We don't win every day, but if you give us so much as one week to prove to you our methods and theories are sound, you'll be rooting for the Underdogs for the rest of your days!
Jay Marriucci
Member since 2007
I have been wagering successfully on sporting events for over 12 years by profiting from value left in the line. This value has typically come from sports in which I consider myself to have a better manipulation of the data and information than the public. My edge is that the linemaker has to put up a line but I don't have to bet into it - I can pass and they can't.
George Smeader
Member since 1999
No Fluff, No Fancy Sales Pitch - Just Guaranteed Winning Picks! 125% Guaranteed Packages and Big Discount Subscriptions - Winning is my business and business is Great!
Big Mac O'Reilly
Member since 2008
"Big Mac" O'Reilly is the one the most recognizable sports handicapping figures in the nation. O'Reilly, at 6 foot 6 inches and 260 pounds, seems to be a formidable mountain of a man. His recognizability is mostly regarded by his appearances on Sports Handicapping TV Shows since September of 1985.
Piotr Golda
Member since 2007
There is no substitution for hard work and long hours. I do not believe in simple trends and systems, but rather that situational factors, or dynamics, play just as much factor against the spread as does statistical information. Remember that the result of the game is not determined by stats, rather that stats are determined as a result of the game.
David Merke
Member since 1999
There's a ton of information out there and available on each game, which can seem overwhelming to the untrained eye. Here at Right Angle Advantage we make it our business to make sure you are playing the right angle on each and every wager.
Matt Moorhead
Member since 2007
Information is what wins games, having the upper edge in ways of injuries, knowing who's starting, and the coaching philosophies are just a few key eliminates that go into each and every play I put out. Information is power, and key contacts are just as important so a good handicapper can not just confirm rumors, but lay others to rest.
The Pig
Member since 2008
His face is to ugly for TV, his language to colorful for radio, but all those pretty boys you hear and see in the media get their Football Picks straight from the Big Hog himself! There's a reason Oggie 'The Pig' Ogilvie is handicappers handicapper and now you can bring home the bacon by getting it straight from the source! If you wanna Win Big - Play with The Pig!