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Using a professional handicapping service is the best way to beat your book, but it certainly can get pricey. here at the professional handicappers league we are committed to finding solutions that work with a wide variety of players and bankrolls. Taking advantage of the enormous discounts that come with our non-guaranteed, non-transferable subscription products are a great way for both casual and serious bettors to enjoy the benefits of having a professional in their corner without the exorbitant prices often associated with professional services. Currently The Professional Handicappers League offers a wide variety of subscription offerings $4.00 a day. Additionally, our member services team are always available to assist you in negotiating custom subscriptions to fit your specific needs.

The heavy discounts obtained through subscription offerings are done on a non-guaranteed, non-transferable and non-refundable basis.

Enjoying the deep discounts of long term subscriptions used to mean forfeiting the guarantee that comes with daily pick packs. Not anymore. The Professional Handicappers League is pleased to introduce subscription safeguard, which is available with all of our subscription offerings at the incredibly low rate of 10% of the total subscription price.

Subscription Safeguard gives the client the option to switch handicapers during the monthly subscription.

One time Transfer Option
Subscriptions at The Professional Handicappers League are non-transferable. Simply put, due to the deep discounts, they typically lose their monetary equity rapidly after the first week. The value of the contract is severely diminished monetarily after the first 7 days, so handicappers are hesitant to pick up the remainder of another handicappers commitment. However, the new Subscription Safeguard offered through The Professional Handicappers League allows clients to "change horses" mid-stream one time through the term of their subscription. The switch can be made if the client becomes unsatisfied with the original handicapper or even strategically, where a client may choose a handicapper at a discount knowing in advance he will move to another handicapper during a period of that handicappers strength - March Madness, for example.

Our objective at The Professional Handicappers League ( is to provide you with the most valuable sports information available on a daily basis. If you wager once a year or four times a day, we guarantee to provide you with the best wagering advice and tools.

We offer articles to build up your overall knowledge, wagering specific game previews, guaranteed advice to optimize your revenue and subscription services to help you with your long-term goals. Our Handicappers have and offer the most current sports information available in the world. We value your patronage and if you need anything explained or have a question please contact us. We pride ourselves as the most customer orientated service in the industry.

How do subscriptions work?
Subscriptions can be purchased on any of the individual Handicapper pages. The purchase procedure is the same.

Once your payment is complete you will be able to login to the My Account section and view your advice for the duration of the subscription, be it weekly, monthly or seasonal. While there are no guaranteed subscription services, all subscriptions are heavily discounted upfront.

What is a Member Account
Login to review your transactions, purchases, subscription analysis or subscription history.

What are Documented Results
Past results are displayed on each Handicapper page in addition to a wide range of reports and archived results available throughout the site.

How do we grade our plays
We offer the best method for customers in the industry. Handicappers secure the best line available at the time the picks are selected, online, offshore or in Vegas, just like a bettor would. Lines do move, so if a handicapper posts an NFL pick on Tuesday, it will occasionally happen where that line is no longer available on Sunday, for example. Customers are encouraged to buy as early as possible and secure the best lines available for best results. Just like customers who place a wager, our handicappers are held to the line at the time they make the pick. No changes. Therefore, subscription clients can be assured of the exact same results the handicapper is documented at

What is your Sales Policy
All sales are final unless otherwise noted.
Refunds will be issued on all qualifying purchases covered under the Guarantee Policy. All other sales are final once made. There are no refunds of any kind, pro-rated or otherwise outside of the scope of the above mentioned Guarantee Policy. If you are unsure of anything, please fell free to ask upfront and before a purchase is made by contacting us using the ticket system. All of your questions and concerns will be addressed in a timely and professional manner.

What is the Customer Service Policy
Response time may vary, but each and every inquiry will be handled in a professional and timely manner. Please use the the ticket system in your members account.