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The Professional Handicappers League, established in 1996, is a one-stop shop for current and accurate sports betting information, picks, scores, matchups, articles and much, much more. - Providing honest handicappers and intelligent players a site to interact based on performance and fully documented results without the hype associated with the sports service industry.

The Professional Handicappers League was originally established on line in 1996. The purpose of The Professional Handicappers League is two-fold.

1. To provide honest handicappers and intelligent players a forum to interact based on performance, facts and without the hype normally associated with the sports service industry.

2. To provide an arena to compete with other professionals on a season to season basis, based on and not marketing strategies.

Currently, The Professional Handicappers League at is home to the most impressive group of sports wagering professionals ever assembled on one property. These professional handicappers study the numbers, statistics, and intangibles to offer our customers the convenience of world class sports betting information that comes from vast hours of research and many years of significant experience.

The League promote honesty, accuracy and integrity, and League customers can be sure the information they receive is guaranteed to show a positive outcome. This guarantee is backed by our that provides clients an additional level of confidence in the product.

In January, 2000 the URL was established as the permanent home of The Professional Handicappers League. is the flagship property of ProCappers Group SA. Essential for any level of sports bettor, is a one-stop shop for current and accurate sports betting information, picks, scores, matchups, articles and much, much more. publishes articles, , and information for sports betting enthusiasts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As the sports gaming industry grows, so does the reputation of as the original sports documentation authority, the most convenient and entertaining source for premium and free sports betting picks and information, which all helps make it the #1 Sports Betting website.

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