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Sports Betting & Handicapping Articles


NFL Spreads & Money Line Value

The pointspread will always be the most popular way to bet on NFL football, but using pointspreads to find implied probability is a powerful tool.

NFL Pointspread Conversion Table

Have you ever wondered how often a -3 point favorite wins a football game straight up? Smart bettors do, as this information is critical...

NCAAF Pointspread Conversion Table

Even though betting "against the spread" is the standard for college football bets in North America, collecting ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION is the gold standard...

Moneyline Break Even Chart

In theory, both "Heads" and "Tails" have a 50% chance of winning each flip. This 50% chance of happening is referred to as "implied probability".

What is Steam

In a nutshell, "Steam" is a term used to describe line moves motivated by large sums of "Smart Money" or "Unnatural Money"

Fantasy Baseball: It's Not Just For Geeks Anymore

Fantasy baseball is growing in popularity and betting on fantasy baseball is becoming increasingly profitable!

How to Bet March Madness

Keep your head while the madness swirls around you this March by using these 3 betting tips to beat the books and win big with your college basketball wagers.

March Madness Betting Tips

March Madness is the busiest time of year for online sportsbooks and studious handicappers. Here's some tips for bettors and brackets as March approaches.

Money Management Strategies

Here's three smart and simple Money Management strategies that will have you managing your sports betting bankroll like a pro!

Money Management Mistakes

When it comes to beating the sportsbooks, smart money management is more important than winning picks. Avoiding these 3 common betting mistakes will help.

Payouts, Bonuses & Comps

Things you thought you knew about sportsbook payouts, bonuses and comps and how to get paid from sketchy books!

Glossary of Betting Terms

Brush up on your betting lingo and you'll be slinging slang with the wise guys in no time!

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