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Handicapper League Record
Stat TrackMLB4-0 L4 100%
Brett DiamondNBA3-0 L3 100%
The BankerNBA3-0 L3 100%
Moneyball SportsNHL2-0 L2 100%
BG SportsNHL2-0 L2 100%
Moneyball SportsMLB2-0 L2 100%
Jim AllenNHL2-0 L2 100%
Prodigy SportsNHL2-0 L2 100%
Jimmy McGuireNHL2-0 L2 100%
Jay MarriucciNHL2-0 L2 100%
Doc HollidayNHL2-0 L2 100%
Brett DiamondNHL2-0 L2 100%
Lock Ness SportsNHL2-0 L2 100%
Vegas MafiaMLB2-0 L2 100%
Prime Time SportsMLB2-0 L2 100%
Jimmy DoyleNHL2-0 L2 100%
Mike PetersNHL2-0 L2 100%
Capper ConsensusNHL2-0 L2 100%
Contrarion CornerNHL2-0 L2 100%
Pro ConsensusNHL2-0 L2 100%
Ron McCoyMLB2-0 L2 100%
Ron McCoyNHL2-0 L2 100%
George SmeaderNBA2-0 L2 100%
Sports-PickNHL2-0 L2 100%
Max ProphetNBA2-0 L2 100%
NYSENBA2-0 L2 100%
Joe GunnNHL2-0 L2 100%
Ben ObamaNHL2-0 L2 100%
Matt MoorheadNHL2-0 L2 100%
Steve MillerNHL2-0 L2 100%
Contrarion CornerMLB2-0 L2 100%
Leonard BryantNHL2-0 L2 100%
The BankerNHL1-0 L1 100%
Doctor OddsNBA1-0 L1 100%
Mike WilliamsNBA1-0 L1 100%
Mike WilliamsNBA1-0 L1 100%
Grid Iron PicksNHL1-0 L1 100%
Grid Iron PicksNBA1-0 L1 100%
BG SportsMLB1-0 L1 100%
Total SportsNHL1-0 L1 100%
Power PlaysMLB1-0 L1 100%
George SmeaderNHL1-0 L1 100%
Steam SportsNBA1-0 L1 100%
Zhou WeiMLB1-0 L1 100%
Zhou WeiNHL1-0 L1 100%
Max ProphetNHL1-0 L1 100%
Jason TannerNBA1-0 L1 100%
Jason TannerMLB1-0 L1 100%
Jason TannerNHL1-0 L1 100%
Prodigy SportsNBA1-0 L1 100%
Tom CollinsNHL1-0 L1 100%
Right Angle AdvantageNBA1-0 L1 100%
Right Angle AdvantageNHL1-0 L1 100%
Lock Ness SportsNBA1-0 L1 100%
Aaron KellyNHL1-0 L1 100%
Vegas MafiaNBA1-0 L1 100%
Underdog SportsNHL1-0 L1 100%
Power PlaysNHL1-0 L1 100%
Vegas MafiaNHL0-0 L0 100%
Mike WilliamsNHL0-0 L0 100%
Mike WilliamsNHL0-0 L0 100%
Ben MeyerNHL0-0 L0 100%

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