The Professional Handicappers League Leaderboards

The Professional Handicappers League Leaderboards. You want only the best handicappers. Look no further, The leader in sports handicapper documentation presents to your the best of the best and hold nothing back. Get a full look under the hood, do a deep dive on all our handicappers and fight just the right service for you. The Leaderboards are a great place to start your search. Crush the books and cash those betting tickets.

Handicapper League Profit Record Win % Units
Eduardo Costa Verez Professional Handicapper Eduardo Costa VerezAll$20,92037-1768.5%2092
Jimmy Doyle Professional Handicapper Jimmy DoyleAll$4,25021-1558.3%425
Mike Peters Professional Handicapper Mike PetersAll$3,98018-1260%398
Michael Alexander Professional Handicapper Michael AlexanderAll$2,56020-1458.8%256
Brett Diamond Professional Handicapper Brett DiamondAll$1,57024-1955.8%157
Leonard Bryant Professional Handicapper Leonard BryantAll$80019-1555.9%80
Jay Marriucci Professional Handicapper Jay MarriucciAll$63022-1855%63