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In our Daily Report for Thursday March 23, 2023, We find The Pig, Jay Marriucci, High Rollers Club, Contrarion Corner, and Mike Peters came out on top of the Professional Handicappers Leaderboards list over the last 7 days, racking up an impressive combined 156 number of wins and bringing in a solid $30,200 dollars in Winnings to their dime bettor subscribers.

Topping the 'Win Percentage Charts', The Pig has been burning it up this past week winning 58.6% of his Expert Picks and earning his dime players a solid $8,100 in cold hard cash for his hard work!

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Big Mac O'Reilly Yesterday's Top Handicapper : Big Mac O'Reilly
Big Mac O'Reilly went 3-1 75.0% yesterday and made $2,350 profit for his dime players.

Yesterday's Leaders
Handicapper Profit
Big Mac O'Reilly Big Mac O'Reilly $2,350
Underdog Sports Underdog Sports $2,150
Jimmy McGuire Jimmy McGuire $1,250
Eduardo Costa Verez Eduardo Costa Verez $1,150
Jimmy Doyle Jimmy Doyle $800
Weekly Leaders
Handicapper Profit
The Pig The Pig $8,100
Jay Marriucci Jay Marriucci $7,750
High Rollers Club High Rollers Club $6,250
Contrarion Corner Contrarion Corner $4,150
Mike Peters Mike Peters $3,950
Monthly Leaders
Handicapper Profit
Jimmy Doyle Jimmy Doyle $28,350
High Rollers Club High Rollers Club $11,350
The Pig The Pig $10,450
Big Mac O'Reilly Big Mac O'Reilly $10,150
Moneyball Sports Moneyball Sports $4,300

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