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The Professional Handicappers League is home to the most impressive group of sports handicapping professionals ever assembled on one web site. Our professional handicappers study the numbers, statistics, and intangibles to offer our customers the convenience of world class sports betting information that comes from vast hours of research and many years of significant experience.

Handicapper Joined Research
BG Sports1996 View Report
Pro Consensus2002 View Report
Ron McCoy1998 View Report
High Rollers Club1997 View Report
George Smeader1999 View Report
Steam Sports2001 View Report
Zhou Wei2000 View Report
Max Prophet2000 View Report
Series Baseball2006 View Report
Joe Gunn1999 View Report
Ben Obama2005 View Report
Matt Moorhead2007 View Report
Steve Miller2005 View Report
Contrarion Corner2008 View Report
Leonard Bryant2007 View Report
Jason Tanner2007 View Report
Redneck Underground2009 View Report
Bill Fishman2005 View Report
Eduardo Costa Verez2007 View Report
Prodigy Sports1999 View Report
Jay Marriucci2007 View Report
Lou Barry2007 View Report
The Pig2008 View Report
Tom Collins2007 View Report
Stat Track1999 View Report
The Public Enemy2009 View Report
Right Angle Advantage1999 View Report
Brett Diamond2009 View Report
Lock Ness Sports2008 View Report
Aaron Kelly2010 View Report
Vegas Mafia2008 View Report
Underdog Sports1999 View Report
Winning Incorporated1998 View Report
Capper Consensus2006 View Report
Power Plays2001 View Report
Total Sports2008 View Report
Mike Peters2007 View Report
Jimmy Doyle2005 View Report
Campus Sports2008 View Report
Bookie Buster2007 View Report
Prime Time Sports2008 View Report
Grid Iron Picks2010 View Report
The Banker2008 View Report
Big Mac O'Reilly2008 View Report
Doc Holliday2009 View Report
Jimmy McGuire2008 View Report
Jim Allen2007 View Report
Moneyball Sports2009 View Report
NYSE1996 View Report
Piotr Golda2007 View Report
Doctor Odds2008 View Report

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