NHL Hockey Power Ratings

The ProCappers NHL Hockey Power Ratings are simply the best and most accurate power ratings in the industry and an indispensable handicapping tool no Professional or Sports Wagering enthusiast should be without.

Team Rank Wins Losses Home Rating Away Rating
Tampa Bay Lightning140214.34.0
Boston Bruins139234.34.0
Washington Capitals337234.13.8
Pittsburgh Penguins337224.13.8
St. Louis Blues335274.13.8
Philadelphia Flyers334274.13.8
Carolina Hurricanes334264.13.8
Colorado Avalanche334254.13.8
Dallas Stars935263.83.5
New York Islanders934263.83.5
Toronto Maple Leafs932303.83.5
Florida Panthers932293.83.5
Winnipeg Jets932303.83.5
New York Rangers932283.83.5
Vancouver Canucks932283.83.5
Edmonton Oilers932293.83.5
Vegas Golden Knights932303.83.5
Columbus Blue Jackets931313.83.5
Calgary Flames931313.83.5
Arizona Coyotes930343.83.5
Nashville Predators929313.83.5
Minnesota Wild929313.83.5
Montreal Canadiens928353.83.5
Chicago Blackhawks926353.83.5
Buffalo Sabres2527333.63.3
San Jose Sharks2526343.63.3
Anaheim Mighty Ducks2524363.63.3
Los Angeles Kings2522393.63.3
Ottawa Senators2521403.63.3
New Jersey Devils3023373.33.0
Detroit Red Wings3115483.12.8