NFL Football Power Ratings

The ProCappers NFL Football Power Ratings are simply the best and most accurate power ratings in the industry and an indispensable handicapping tool no Professional or Sports Wagering enthusiast should be without. Handicapping TIP check out our NCAA Collage Football Power Ratings!

Team Rank Wins Losses Home Rating Away Rating
Baltimore Ravens13199.097.5
Kansas City Chiefs23097.596.0
New England Patriots22197.596.0
New Orleans Saints42296.094.5
San Francisco 49ers42196.094.5
Minnesota Vikings61394.092.5
Los Angeles Rams73193.091.5
Green Bay Packers73093.091.5
Dallas Cowboys91392.591.0
Tennessee Titans102092.090.5
Seattle Seahawks114091.590.0
Philadelphia Eagles120290.589.0
Houston Texans120490.589.0
Buffalo Bills144090.088.5
Pittsburgh Steelers143090.088.5
Atlanta Falcons140390.088.5
Chicago Bears173189.588.0
Los Angeles Chargers171389.588.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers193189.087.5
Indianapolis Colts203188.086.5
Cleveland Browns213187.586.0
Denver Broncos211287.586.0
Carolina Panthers232285.584.0
Jacksonville Jaguars231385.584.0
Detroit Lions231385.584.0
Arizona Cardinals262285.083.5
Las Vegas Raiders272284.583.0
New York Jets280484.082.5
Cincinnati Bengals291282.080.5
New York Giants300481.580.0
Washington Football Team311381.079.5
Miami Dolphins321379.077.5