NBA Basketball Power Ratings

The ProCappers NBA Basketball Power Ratings are simply the best and most accurate power ratings in the industry and an indispensable handicapping tool no Professional or Sports Wagering enthusiast should be without. Handicapping TIP check out our NCAA Collage Basketball Power Ratings!

Team Rank Wins Losses Home Rating Away Rating
Milwaukee Bucks1612294.091.0
Los Angeles Lakers2642393.090.0
Toronto Raptors2602393.090.0
Los Angeles Clippers4552892.589.5
Boston Celtics5583192.089.0
Miami Heat6573391.088.0
Houston Rockets7493590.587.5
Utah Jazz7473290.587.5
Dallas Mavericks7453690.587.5
Denver Nuggets10543590.087.0
Oklahoma City Thunder10473290.087.0
Indiana Pacers10453290.087.0
Philadelphia 76ers13433489.586.5
Phoenix Suns14343988.085.0
Portland Trail Blazers15384387.584.5
Brooklyn Nets15354187.584.5
Memphis Grizzlies15344187.584.5
Orlando Magic15344487.584.5
San Antonio Spurs15323987.584.5
Sacramento Kings20314187.084.0
New Orleans Pelicans20304287.084.0
Washington Wizards22254785.582.5
Chicago Bulls22224385.582.5
Detroit Pistons24204685.082.0
Minnesota Timberwolves24194585.082.0
Charlotte Hornets26234284.581.5
New York Knicks26214584.581.5
Atlanta Hawks28204783.580.5
Cleveland Cavaliers28194683.580.5
Golden State Warriors30155082.579.5