MLB Baseball Power Ratings

The ProCappers MLB Baseball Power Ratings are simply the best and most accurate power ratings in the industry.

Team Rank Wins Losses Home Rating Away Rating
Los Angeles Dodgers137165.15.0
Oakland Athletics238224.64.5
Minnesota Twins237234.74.5
Chicago White Sox236254.64.5
San Diego Padres233224.64.5
Tampa Bay Rays639244.64.4
Atlanta Braves635254.54.4
New York Yankees635264.54.4
Cleveland Indians934254.44.3
San Francisco Giants1028264.34.2
Chicago Cubs1132294.34.1
Houston Astros1130294.24.1
Miami Marlins1333294.14.0
Toronto Blue Jays1332304.14.0
Milwaukee Brewers1329284.14.0
Baltimore Orioles1329334.14.0
Cincinnati Reds1728304.03.9
Philadelphia Phillies1728304.13.9
St. Louis Cardinals1727304.13.9
New York Mets2026353.93.8
Los Angeles Angels2024303.93.8
Washington Nationals2023333.93.8
Kansas City Royals2325343.93.7
Seattle Mariners2324293.83.7
Colorado Rockies2526303.83.6
Boston Red Sox2525353.83.6
Detroit Tigers2722353.63.5
Arizona Diamondbacks2720353.63.5
Pittsburgh Pirates2920403.53.4
Texas Rangers3021383.53.3