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MLB Baseball Leaderboards

Bases are loaded and the Professional Handicappers League is up to bat. Bringing you the best expert sports handicappers in the Major Leagues.  Load up with winning MLB baseball plays from the best of the best here at the Professional Handicappers League. Dig into their records, do a head to head comparison between your top picks and take the bookies to the cleaners. Procappers Subscriptions offer a great way to get all the plays and never miss out on the action, while saving yourself money with our deep discount packages, of go ala carte and grab a 100% guaranteed pick package for the day and cash those bet tickets!

Handicapper Earned Record Rate ROI Units
Leonard Bryant$24,420138-10157.7%8.8%2,442
Jason Tanner$20,970212-15058.6%4.5%2,097
Tom Collins$19,090179-13457.2%5.0%1,909
Mike Peters$19,080213-17654.8%4.2%1,908
Vegas Mafia$18,670137-9459.3%6.4%1,867
Steve Miller$9,770171-13256.4%2.6%977
Michael Alexander$9,600178-12059.7%2.2%960
Jim Allen$7,260227-18355.4%1.4%726
Underdog Sports$7,01011-473.3%35.8%701
Big Mac O'Reilly$6,070177-13556.7%1.5%607
Jimmy Doyle$5,310159-12655.8%1.5%531
Jimmy McGuire$3,180183-13956.8%0.8%318
Zhou Wei$2,960165-13555.0%0.8%296
The Public Enemy$1,940209-15657.3%0.4%194
High Rollers Club$1,840109-9054.8%0.8%184