Welcome to the Daily Commissoners Report for Friday December 14, 2018, where I take a look at which handicappers are making you the most money, as well as currently riding hot streaks and break it all down. When you win, we win!"

Over the Last seven days, our handicappers have racked up +32494 Units, which translates into an incredible$324,940.00 in profits for our dime bettors!

Let's Break it Down

Tops the list, coming in at No.1 this past week with a net unit gain of +1936 units. That's $19,360.00 profits for dime bettors. He went 41 and 22 over 63 picks with a 65.1% win percentage and a Solid 21.2% ROI (Return on investment) for his subscribers. Buy A Weekly Subscription Here!

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comes in at No.2 this past week with a net unit gain of +1885 units. Putting $18,850.00 in hands of his dime bettors. His record of 33 and 13 over 46 documented plays gives him a very nice 71.7% win rate and a 21.2% ROI for his subscribers. Subscribe Now and Start Winning!

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follows at No.3 this past week with a net unit gain of +1596 units. Making his Dime bettor Subscibers $15,960.00! He went 36 and 19 with 55 documented plays winning 65.5% of his bets and a ROI of 21.2% for his players. Get Your Subscription Today!

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is No.4 on the list. With an impressive +1441 units over the last seven days and putting $14,410.00 into his subscribers pockets. He has 38 Wins and just 23 losses over 61 documented plays winning 62.3% of his picks and a ROI of 21.2% for his players. Get a subscription here!

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closes out the list as No.5 with an Solid +1356 units and making his players $13,560.00. With 39 Wins and 25 losses on 64 documented bets and a winning percentage of 60.9%! Jay Marriucci showed a 21.2% ROI for his subscribers. Get in on the action!

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Jimmy Doyle was on Fire yesterday, going 7-0 with a net gain of 700 units. Turning in $7,000.00 for dime players in just one day and lighing up the books with his plays. Will he keep the winning formula today? Check out today's picks and subscription offers and cash in on the action!

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My name is Brian James, and I am the Commissioner of the Professional Handicappers League and the official liaison between the Handicappers and the Public.

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What is a Commissioner

"Commissioner." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 8 Feb. 2015. Web. 18 Feb. 2015.

In many North American sports leagues, including nearly all professional leagues, the commissioner is the highest executive position in the owners association. The exact powers of the commissioner depend on the constitution and/or rules of the league, and are invariably limited by State and Federal Law and collective bargaining agreements. Commissioners are elected by the owners of the league's clubs, and function as Executive Directors of the various owners associations describing themselves as Leagues and handle matters such as discipline, arbitration of disputes between the clubs, etc in the interests of the owners.

The title was first used in 1920, when Kenesaw Mountain Landis was appointed Commissioner of Baseball in the aftermath of the Black Sox Scandal. Landis was titled "Commissioner" partly to distinguish his office from that of the "President" of the American and National Leagues. Landis' title derived from the National Commission, the ruling body for baseball established in 1903, which were largely autonomous organizations at the time. Eager to restore public confidence in their sport's integrity, baseball owners gave Landis absolute power and a lifetime contract,[dubious discuss] which permitted the former judge to assume more power over the sport than a commissioner in any sport has held since.

The other major professional sports leagues of North America followed suit, replacing their positions of league president with that of commissioner. The National Football League appointed its first commissioner in 1941, the National Basketball Association in 1967, and the National Hockey League in 1993. However, the commissioners' powers and responsibilities in these leagues are not substantially different from those of the presidents that preceded them. Although baseball's subsequent commissioners have not had the absolute power that Landis did, former Commissioner Bud Selig has succeeded in centralizing authority over Major League Baseball in the commissioner's office, relegating the position of league president to an honorary title and giving baseball's commissioner competencies similar to those of his colleagues in the other major sports.

Many minor professional and amateur leagues throughout the United States and Canada have also appointed commissioners. The title has not caught on outside North America. Current commissioners of the North American major professional leagues are Roger Goodell in the NFL, Rob Manfred in the MLB, Adam Silver in the NBA, Gary Bettman in the NHL, Don Garber in MLS, and Mark Cohon in the CFL.