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NFL Football Leaderboards

We are on the goal line, time to make the play. The Professional Handicappers League presents you the best expert sports handicappers in the NFL. Load up with winning Football plays from the best of the best. Dive into their records, do a head to head comparison between your top picks and take the bookies to the cleaners. Procappers Subscriptions offer a great way to get all the plays and never miss out on the action, while saving yourself money with our deep discount packages, of go ala carte and grab a 100% guaranteed pick package for the day and cash those bet tickets!

Handicapper Earned Record Rate ROI Units
Vegas Mafia$16,30047-2862.7%19.8%1,630
High Rollers Club$16,25037-1966.1%26.4%1,625
Big Mac O'Reilly$15,80052-3361.2%16.9%1,580
Leonard Bryant$13,55042-2661.8%18.1%1,355
Underdog Sports$13,15046-3060.5%15.8%1,315
Jimmy McGuire$8,15038-2758.5%11.4%815
BG Sports$8,05050-3856.8%8.3%805
Matt Moorhead$5,10051-4254.8%5.0%510
Lou Barry$1,65050-4453.2%1.6%165
Steve Miller$1,25046-4152.9%1.3%125
Tom Collins$45045-4152.3%0.5%45