Why Buy Sports Picks from the Best?

Trust. Accountability. Confidence. The Professional Handicappers League at is the global leader in both Handicapper Documentation and Winning Expert Sports Picks. Additionally, sports bettors will find the tools, articles and libraries to assist them in doing their homework and becoming better sports handicappers themselves. Here are just a few reasons the sharpest bettors in the world rely on the experts and resources at The Professional Handicappers League to help them beat the books.

We've stood the test of time

The Professional Handicappers League has been operating online for 26 years, selling sports picks online and providing tools, ratings, articles, how-to's, sports databases, early and outlaw lines. To our knowledge, no other sports handicapping website or organization has been operating as long. The League established itself online in 1996 and took it's permanent home at in January of 2000. The fraudsters, touts, hucksters, fakes and other churn and burn operations rarely last more than a few years, getting as much fast money has they can before fading off into the sunset. We are approaching our 20 year anniversary. We've stood the test of time. We've been here for 26 years and will be here for 26 more and more again.

Home of the 110% Guarantee!

Clients should feel confident when they purchase expert sports picks from the world's best handicappers. We are certainly confident in providing the service. In fact, The Professional Handicappers League is very proud to offer 110% Guarantee of success with our Guaranteed Pick Packs. If a Guaranteed Pick Pack purchased with cash fails to produce a profit, then a full refund will be applied to the credit account and also we will credit you member rewards account with an additional 25% of the purchase price in Member Reward Points. To our knowledge this is the single strongest guarantee in the industry.

Historical Handicapping Records

Not only do we provide the best Handicappers in the business, but we provide Handicapper Records dating all the way back to the year 2000, showing the exact selection made with the date and time it was published, the line at the time it published and the line source, along with the win/loss result. Many of our handicappers have over 22 years of accessible records. Additionally, clients can sort through a variety of custom handicapping reports including historical leaderboards, reports by sport, head-to-head handicapper comparisons, daily, weekly and monthly hot streaks. To our knowledge, no other handicapping service or handicapper documentation services discloses historical records to this extent. Just another way The Professional Handicappers League serves in leading the industry and setting the bar.

Exclusivity and Accountability

At The Professional Handicappers League we believe that Accountability is key. One of the trademarks of unscrupulous scammers and TV touts is appearing on multiple websites, radio and television shows etc. Touting one result on one site and a different result on another site. Multiple websites means multiple records, varying releases and zero accountability. Handicappers at The Professional Handicappers League are bound by a contract of Exclusivity. You will not see them selling picks anywhere else online or offline. Not a twitter pick. Not a Facebook account. No website. No radio. No TV. League members are 100% EXCLUSIVE so you can be 100% confident that their record displayed here is their one and only exclusive record. No exceptions.


Once Handicappers submit a pick, the pick is submitted and they have no more control over it. Further, all picks submitted by League Members are time-stamped and displayed to the public at midnight EST every night. We take these extra steps to ensure there is no after-game manipulation of our selections to falsely inflate handicapping records. To our knowledge, is the only handicapping service that discloses all selections at midnight of each game day - we have nothing to hide. NOTE: Obvious errors resulting from erroneous data transfer on line feeds will be addressed internally by league administration staff. Corrections may be made on game times or invalid line passing through, a change in the team designated as 'home' for neutral site games, or games that resolve incorrectly with missing or incorrect scores.

The Safest and Most Secure Checkout

Our exclusive payment arrangements with PayPal (and Coinify for Bit Coin and other Block Chain Currencies) ensure the utmost safety of our customers personal information. The highly secure PayPal Pay flow Pro is utilized for credit card address verifications and authorizations.

Absolutely No Telemarketing - Ever!

We never ever use your information for telemarketing and/or text message marketing. You will never ever receive uncomfortable cold calls with sales pitches to buy picks or upgrade service. Further, if you ever receive a call or text message from someone claiming to be from, hang-up immediately, delete or ignore any text as it is not from us. You will never ever receive a phone call from anyone at or on behalf of The Professional Handicappers League at

No Obligatory "Analysis"

Like Golf, handicapping is a game of "how many", not "how". The end result is all that matters. When we select our handicappers the only criteria that maters to us is performance. A sustained profit over a the long term. Over 20 years we have encountered many knowledgeable sports fans who can write a novel of reason on each game but can't pick a winner or make a profit to save their lives. Conversely, their are more than a few odd characters here at the League who may not express themselves well, but sure have a knack for making money. We'll take the latter every time. Understanding things like value and line movement or having the industry connections to know where the smart money is going etc. etc. This is a different expertise. It's uncommon knowledge and access that the common sports fan just doesn't have. Yet, in today's content crazy internet, many tout sites force their handicappers to obligatory blather to accompany their picks. Most of the "analysis" provided is insignificant filler, a marketing text for their next pick package or some qualifying scheme of how to bet the play so they can claim a winner out of losers. This bogus "analysis" is offered in lieu of any real knowledge or expertise. Here at The Professional Handicappers League we discourage such nonsense. We encourage our Handicappers to spend their time handicapping and restrict their services to the pick and nothing but the pick. Their wins and losses are meant to speak for themselves. If they have the knowledge and expertise then it will show up in their results, not some meaningless and obligatory 50 words of filler text. Here at, results are all that matter.

No Betting Units or other Line Manipulation

The Professional Handicappers League at grades and ranks all handicappers on one-unit plays ($100) per selection. We will not allow our expert handicappers to pad their records with multiple unit wagers (i.e 10-Star, 10-Dimes, etc.), parlays, teasers, ridiculous money lines, doubling-down money management tricks or point buying schemes. All games by all handicappers are held to the exact same flat bet standard. Handicappers who succeed at The Professional Handicappers League are those handicappers who can beat the line. Period. For a detailed look at our grading policy, please see our FAQ

Amazing Customer Service

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. If you have any questions about our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us via our ticket system. We have friendly, knowledgeable representatives available seven days a week and late into the nights to assist you.

Need more reasons to buy sports picks from the best?

Variety of Handicappers

There is a wide variety of industry proven experts to choose from at The Professional Handicappers League at Different handicapping styles to fit different types of bettors. We encourage customers to use the tools provided by the league to do your due diligence and find the handicapper that fits their betting style. Different Handicappers specialize in different sports. We offer both action handicappers who play the board and discerning handicappers who pick their battles. Some experts prefer a money line strategy while others utilize more obscure run lines and puck lines.

Value, through Subscriptions

Using a Professional Handicapping service is the best way to beat your book, but it certainly can get pricey. Here at The Professional Handicappers League we are committed to finding solutions that work with a wide variety of players and bankrolls. Taking advantage of the enormous discounts that come with our non-guaranteed, non-transferable subscription products are a great way for both casual and serious bettors to enjoy the benefits of having a professional in their corner without the exorbitant prices often associated with professional services. Currently The Professional Handicappers League offers a wide variety of subscription offerings as low as $8.00 a day. Additionally, our member services team are always available to assist you in negotiating custom subscriptions to fit your specific needs.

Subscription Safegaurd

Enjoying the deep discounts of long term subscriptions used to mean forfeiting the Guarantee that comes with daily pick packs. Not anymore. The Professional Handicappers League is pleased to introduce Subscription Insurance, which is available with all of our subscription offerings at the incredibly low rate of 10% of the total subscription price. This insurance gives clients a one-time "capper switch" and should the subscription prove unsuccessful, a 100% FPP refund. For more details on Subscription Insurance, please read our Sales Policy

Multiple Subscription Discount

Work with our client services experts to purchase more than one expert and we'll negotiate an even bigger discount on your behalf.