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Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans - GUARANTEED PICKS PACKAGE

Here at Redneck Underground we take it a step further. Betting on or against Southern Teams is what we do. In college sports we specialize in the SEC but we also cover the ACC as well as select teams from the South. In the NFL we follow very closely the southern teams ... and I mean VERY closely! $50.00
Eduardo Costa Verez56-19 75% $34880
Bookie Buster43-17 72% $24910
Underdog Sports49-26 65% $24420
Tom Collins34-11 76% $22230
High Rollers Club28-6 82% $21670
High Rollers Club28-6 82% $21670
Bill Fishman25-6 81% $19430
The Pig11-3 79% $7770
The Banker32-10 76% $21220
Tom Collins34-11 76% $22230


Eduardo Costa Verez - This Weeks Top HandicapperEduardo Costa Verez is our currently ranked No.1 Handicapper with a total net unit gain for the past week of 3488 units. Be sure to check out all the plays from Eduardo Costa Verez and his current premium picks, free plays and subscription packages and cash in on the action!
Stat Track - Ranked No. 2 Handicapper this weekStat Track is our currently ranked No.2 Handicapper with a total net unit gain for the past week of 2841 units. Hard on the heels of our No. 1 rank position nows the time to catch this rising star! Get All of today's plays fromStat Track here!
Bookie Buster - Ranked No. 3 Handicapper this weekRounding off our Big 3 Handicappers and claiming the Bronze, Bookie Buster is our currently ranked No.3 Handicapper with a total net unit gain for the past week of 2491 units. Cash in now with Bookie Buster

Today's Games, ATS Picks & Previews for Sunday, November 23, 2014


Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Underdog Sports 1104 76359.10%39893
Stat Track 3895 334353.80%39206
Brett Diamond 1198 81759.50%34776
Bookie Buster 1000 69559.00%31491
Prime Time Sports 679 36665.00%29651
Eduardo Costa Verez 1297 77162.70%29048
BG Sports 749 42463.90%28914
Lock Ness Sports 623 34364.50%28767
Max Prophet 1191 80859.60%28315
Matt Moorhead 1197 87957.70%27524
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Ron McCoy 65 3664.40%2512
Bill Fishman 52 2865.00%2204
Bookie Buster 60 3563.20%2122
Tom Collins 50 2764.90%2018
Lock Ness Sports 58 3761.10%1711
Redneck Underground 36 1767.90%1697
Power Plays 47 2862.70%1599
Jimmy McGuire 48 2962.30%1584
Steam Sports 58 3860.40%1581
Eduardo Costa Verez 58 3860.40%1541
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Total Sports 34 979.10%2418
Prodigy Sports 25 389.30%2180
Lock Ness Sports 33 1273.30%1972
Leonard Bryant 26 681.30%1941
Prime Time Sports 26 1268.40%1290
Gale Scheelar 17 868.00%827
Ben Obama 27 1860.00%729
Eduardo Costa Verez 19 1163.30%695
Brett Diamond 9 281.80%685
Stat Track 19 1163.30%685
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Jay Marriucci 119 5170.00%6519
Ron McCoy 113 5368.10%5714
Brett Diamond 108 5167.90%5413
Bookie Buster 110 5666.30%5075
Prodigy Sports 61 1778.20%4226
Stat Track 96 5862.30%3599
Lock Ness Sports 55 2073.30%3497
Prime Time Sports 57 2371.30%3267
Total Sports 51 1972.90%3108
Steam Sports 87 5461.70%3089
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Joe Gunn 28 975.70%1859
Jim Allen 25 680.60%1850
Steve Miller 29 1270.70%1624
Lock Ness Sports 17 289.50%1494
Bookie Buster 20 774.10%1255
Contrarion Corner 24 1168.60%1219
High Rollers Club 14 382.40%1085
Underdog Sports 19 870.40%1058
Tom Collins 19 870.40%1043
The Banker 19 870.40%1037
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Eduardo Costa Verez 77 2476.20%4002
Max Prophet 66 3764.10%3095
Underdog Sports 47 2961.80%3017
Prodigy Sports 27 1465.90%1440
Matt Moorhead 61 4458.10%1430
Joe Gunn 55 5151.90%1245
Total Sports 26 1465.00%1160
Ben Obama 17 577.30%1034
Prime Time Sports 8 280.00%550
High Rollers Club 26 1563.40%431
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Jimmy McGuire 342 15868.40%17598
Brett Diamond 524 35759.50%16865
BG Sports 311 14168.80%15818
Moneyball Sports 346 18964.70%14588
Jim Allen 271 13966.10%11925
Piotr Golda 251 12666.60%11583
Ron McCoy 331 21660.50%11329
Bookie Buster 299 24255.30%9988
Doc Holliday 298 17962.50%9981
Power Plays 319 21959.30%8856
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Campus Sports 97 4070.80%5374
Underdog Sports 118 6066.30%5308
BG Sports 100 4867.60%4808
Ron McCoy 105 5366.50%4797
Bookie Buster 104 5465.80%4562
Matt Moorhead 105 5565.60%4523
Power Plays 100 5464.90%4132
Tom Collins 80 3768.40%4020
Stat Track 291 23255.60%3905
The Pig 79 3966.90%3626
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Doc Holliday 46 2168.70%2351
Bookie Buster 46 2564.80%1942
Contrarion Corner 41 2166.10%1855
Big Mac O'Reilly 21 677.80%1469
Jim Allen 42 2661.80%1433
Underdog Sports 41 2661.20%1320
Jay Marriucci 40 2660.60%1229
George Smeader 39 2660.00%1149
The Banker 18 772.00%1055
Lou Barry 33 2260.00%972
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
The Pig 72 1880.00%5210
Jimmy McGuire 55 1776.40%3615
Eduardo Costa Verez 30 1173.20%1780
Steve Miller 28 1270.00%1480
Brett Diamond 28 1368.30%1360
Prime Time Sports 23 971.90%1305
Lock Ness Sports 24 1070.60%1295
Total Sports 18 675.00%1140
Vegas Mafia 6 185.70%490
Power Plays 18 1260.00%470
Handicapper Wins Loss Win Percentage Net Units
Bookie Buster 29 682.90%2235
Lock Ness Sports 29 780.60%2145
Underdog Sports 24 582.80%1870
BG Sports 21 580.80%1545
Ben Obama 19 579.20%1370
Ron McCoy 22 873.30%1305
Brett Diamond 20 774.10%1225
Moneyball Sports 21 872.40%1190
Jimmy McGuire 18 675.00%1175
Leonard Bryant 15 478.90%1065


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Stat Track was on Fire yesterday, going 51-37 with a net gain of 1275 units. Get today's picks and cash in on the action!


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Welcome to Contrarion Corner on the Web serving players from around the world, entering our 25th year in business and our 9th on the Internet. We use our winning formulas to handicap Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Our forte is in isolating "contrary" plays.

Bookie Buster
We pride ourselves on using a combination of top-notch research and computer analysis to give the best selections in the industry. We analyze many facets of the game, including stats, streaks, clubhouse/locker room attitudes, corporate news and intangibles that can affect any game. We do our homework so you can win without spending hours doing analysis on every game.


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